New Age Mindset Coach

What is a ‘New Age’ mindset coach?


I call myself a ‘new age' Mindset Coach because I deliver key methods and tools for a successful and fulfilling life in a 2021 world.

Helping you direct your thought's and behaviours to be more positive and empowering so you 'think and feel' better about yourself and achieve the most out of life.. 


My BeOne methods are applicable and actionable to this day and age


Where life is consumed and directed by technology and social media.


Creating overwhelm, confusion, lack of focus and no sense of direction or outcome. 


You can take control. 


I coach techniques and tools that when implemented help you achieve::


  • Success in feeling and living in happiness and contentment (I have done this my self) 


  • Success in having positive and empowering thoughts on a daily basis 


  • Success in striving for goals and achieving growth and development in any area of life that you are looking to improve 

I want to show you how to create a mindset to make anything you want possible.

Because it truly is.

Think now... 

- What are you saying to yourself daily? - (self talk)

- What are you focusing on? (ambitions, goals?) 

- What do you feed into your mind? (the things you watch / listen to / read / follow on social media.)

- Who are the people you interact with on a daily basis?

“What you feed into your mind, say to yourself on a daily basis and put your focus on directs who you become and the outcomes you get”


Take control of your mind!!

- Build self belief, self confidence (self esteem) and believe in yourself. 

- Live more positively on a day to day basis 

I show this by living and breathing what I have developed with BeOne on myself (check my youtube and instagram)

I continue to implement the BeOne mindset principles to achieve more and more success in my life..

My definition of success is continued growth on my life vision and goals.


Goals within my self development journey, my family life, my businesses, my finances and my health & fitness.

I strive for continued development and to keep stretching my targets and this for me is success.

I have gone from:

- Severe depression, drugs and trouble. 


- Expelled from school, juvenile courts and sacked job after job 


- No direction, lost, living with no passion and desire. 


- Continues negative thoughts and limiting beliefs controlling my life for to long!!!


And then I took 'inspired action.' 


- I now control my thought processes on a daily basis


- I choose my behaviours and actions on a daily basis to work towards 'who I want to be' 


- I feel happy, content, proud and successful. 

- I own 4 thriving businesses, 1 charity and have launched a podcast which landed in top 10 fastest downloads within the first week. 

- I continue to break barriers within fitness showing what is capable by pushing the mind and body past the limits you 'think' you are held by, 

- I have learnt how to priorities my life, so that I continue to build success in my businesses and also achieve and enjoy continued success in my fitness, family life and self development. 


I want to share this with the world and impact as many lives in a positive way as possible. 


In the year 2021 you have the choice to let the world control you or take control of 'your world.'


My biggest accomplishment is to now wake up every single day ‘wanting life’ 

Instead of waking up resenting life and thinking not another day!!


BeOne helps you truly discover how to do this and gives you the tools, knowledge and techniques to become who  you truly want to be and achieve any goal or dream's you have.

- Be the best version of yourself 

- Have the ability to feel good consistently 

- Have the ability to achieve success in any area 

Discover yourself, be happy with who you are and strive for making the life you have the best it can be, 


Join me in controlling your mind in this new era of life,


The new age of 2021 and beyond. 



Ben Eastwood